Something Beautiful

Monday July 20, 2009

Something Beautiful

When faced with trials and tribulations we can sometimes lose our once firmly planted foot on “hope” and slip in a pit of despair. We find ourselves in situations where there is no way out and the crushing presence of the ever-increasing darkness seems to be endless. However, even in the darkest of darkness, amidst the most devastating of misfortunes, and the through the most crippling of destitution the smallest shimmer of light, no matter how minute or brisk, can be the most awe inspiring. In the worst situations hope can prevail and the smallest flicker of light can negate the most immense and suffocating amount of darkness. Even though her world has been turn upside down and the wound inflicted by her mothers death is still raw and tender, something beautiful is so clearly present in Janet’s life.

I don’t think anything would ever allow me to fully communicate the weight of the burden and the intensity of the pain of being amongst those who sank Janet’s heart by telling her the news about her mother’s death. The room was filled with a solemn and grave silence with the painful whimpers, wails and sobs spilled by Janet being the only audible thing. Tears were gushing down every set of eyes in the room that night and though the death of a loved one is painful, every one of us fully understood how much more this hurt Janet and for that our hearts went out even further to her. Her small daughter is no fool and clung to her mothers side and just laid in Janet’s lap as Janet clenched a handkerchief in one hand and buried her face in the other. I broke the news with you all, my friends, family and some people I have yet to meet face to face, and through your reaction and the response of the community I realize the aesthetic reality of it all.

I asked you all to write a few words of encouragement to Janet and the response you gave was heartwarming. Today I sat down with Janet early in the morning and shared your letters with her. Within the first minute tears began to build up in her eyes and before long they began to gently cascade down her cheeks and a smile was ever present on her face as we took in all that you all had written. When I finished the last line of the last letter she asked me to read them again, and I did. How beautiful is this?

Of the billions of people alive today and of all places in the world I am here with Janet. Of all times to come to here of all places I come now, when times are the dreariest. Of all the people to be writing to Janet, it is you all the Americans, the culture and community the is looked up to and admired to an extent that most of us will never come to realize. I can’t tell you what your words and how your reaction touched Janet’s heart. I don’t think you understand how special and loved she feels knowing that people on the other side of the world are praying for her and taking the time to write to her. I can’t tell you how amazing and blessed I feel to be the one to read your words to her. A time like this is one of the darkest hours that Janet may ever face, which means that it is the time when the smallest amount of light can stand out the most. In response to Janet’s situation I was sent enough money to cover any financial burden for the burial and to ensure that Janet is provided for, I was sent more encouraging words and prayers than I can count and had peace in my heart because of you all sharing in this with me. The community here has wrapped their arms around Janet and this situation, food is being brought to the home, visitors are flooding her doorstep, and prayers are being cried out on her behalf by the multitudes. This situation has been so painful and grim which is why this response has strung a chord in my heart so warmly, just like the sunrise the day after a fierce storm seems to dance before your eyes and is stunningly gorgeous.

Isaiah 58:9 “Then you will call, and the Lord will answer, you will cry for help, and he will say: “Here am I.”

How many times in life do we feel alone? How many times are we crying out to God saying “where are you?” When I look at Janet’s situation I realize that though we may feel alone we never are and though we may feel as though God has abandoned us his hand is still upon on our lives. In our distress, in times of hardship and hopelessness, when we cry for help, when we feel as though it is us against the world God shows us that we aren’t here alone and that we shall overcome he says “Here am I.”

I realize now that in the most severe and crippling of situations, something so beautiful and touching can come from it.

Thank you,


Prayer Requests:
We have a HUGE three day evangelism for Masii in two weeks, I hear that nothing like this has ever been done before!
Stacy’s wheelchair (They say it will come next week… only about ten weeks late… I just hope we get it)
Rain… still as dry as can be here.

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