From Geoffrey to you; Without a paddle

Thursday May 28. 2009

Without a paddle

I am concerned for Mama Carro. She has three beautiful daughters, one of whom is Carro the girl with hydrocephalus. This woman has been tossed a few good times by life: being left by her husband, prostitution, alcoholism, judgment and condemnation from others. Despite these overwhelming obstacles, this family has been blessed beyond comprehension. They were over two months over due for rent and now, because of a generous friend, their rent is paid for an entire year. Benevolent members of the church have donated food and other goods to their home in times when they hadn’t eaten for a day or two. Carro, the charismatic and captivating young girl has lived life, without the use of her legs, by crawling and being carried everywhere and now because of a few compassionate people she has a wheelchair and can be taken anywhere she desires with ease. The dangerous build up of water in Carro’s head was drained because of generous and caring people. Friends and fellow churchgoers have been kind enough to pay Mama Carro for small tasks such as washing clothes or cooking. Whenever an obstacle has developed it seems as though God heard the prayers of this woman and delivered her and her children, another obstacle has arrived and I am hoping and praying that God will deliver this small family once again.

Mama Carro has been able to conceal this little secret for a long time but her protruding stomach has let the cat out of the bag; she is pregnant. I think she truly loves her children and does all that she can for them, but she seems to be stuck. As she walked away from prostitution and brewing alcohol her income ceased to exist. This mother is tenaciously trying to better the life for her children but by doing so it seems like she has become trapped. Jobs openings are far and few between, leaving this woman in a situation where affording food and providing for her children is incredibly difficult.

You see, this famine and drought seems to have condemned this place and these people to having few job opportunities and ever-increasing needs. The gap between the amount of job openings and people seeking work is immense; there is 60% unemployment here, which leaves struggles mothers like Mama Carro stuck between a rock and a hard place; stuck without a paddle. I can’t even tell you how many times hunger has forced her to come to William and I for help to buy food… it breaks my heart.

If times weren’t tough enough, even though this child is a blessing, the situation just got more difficult. Between hospital bills, infant necessities and having to constantly be with this child, life just got a little tougher. I am so concerned for this woman and these children, how will they eat and survive? Without a skill or a trade how is this mother going to find a good and constant source of income? We can give her some food and maybe pay for a medical bill or two, but what happens when the food runs out and another medical need arises? A few of us have been trying to come up with some sort of a plan to help this mother for the long run.

What I know is that God doesn’t pick us out of the dirt to throw us in the mud, I have faith and believe that God is going to do something in this family.

Asante Sana,


Mama Carro, her baby, the family and a job opportunity
Stacy’s wheelchair – it should be here tomorrow
The medical center
Funds for a generator
Janet and the continual progression of her eye sight
Esther, found out that she has pneumonia and malaria

I put my new sewing skills to the test today and ended up making a African dress thing… I was kind of shocked that I made it
I let two friends try oatmeal with honey and they both almost threw up
I was in the shop of a friend today, I pulled out an umbrella and started dancing… she just kind of stared
If you get fired and I guess they want everyone to know it for safety reasons and such they put your picture in the news paper and say this person is no longer affiliated with our organization
Matuko and Dorro (the two custodians of my hotel) come to my room almost everyday and tell me that they are in need of sweets… so awesome!

Mwende atta
m-wen-day ah-tah
how have you been since we last met?

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