From Geoffrey to you; They never cease to amaze me

Saturday June 20, 2009

They never fail to inspire me

I have written about the Tumaini Alumni Alliance a few times. If you missed out on reading about it let me fill you in. The T.A.A. is an inspiring group of young adults that have graduated or are near to graduating from high school because of Tumaini. They were in a very tough situation themselves until Tumaini came in and enabled them to go to school, now they want to give back to the less fortunate. They began this past year and targeted an extremely poor family in the community and together came up with just over $30 to buy food for this family and they also made them chairs. They have taken on other works within the community as well including providing food and goods to the poor, visiting the sick, and beautification projects for the Tumaini property. Today we set out for another adventure.

We traveled a short distance to meet a elderly woman who is caring for her three grandchildren who were orphaned by AIDS. This woman was chased off her property by her husband who is apparently a drunk. With no where to go and little money she moved into an apartment, that is just one room, with her and her three grandchildren. In her old age she does small jobs in the local farms to try to earn a little money for her and her grandchildren. The problem, however, is that this drought has hurt the farms which affects her. Most people are affected by this drought which makes finding small jobs difficult. Her rent is $5 a month and yet that is a struggle. Thankfully Tumaini has been able to step in and send two of her grandchildren to school and helps to meet those two children’s needs.

We pulled up this afternoon and brought bags full of food and all sorts of goods. The T.A.A. heard about the troubles this woman was facing and the overwhelming amount of despair and wanted to help. The T.A.A. was able to touch, yet again, another life. Each time I meet with the T.A.A. or hear about their works I am inspired and consider it a blessing. They encourage me to step up and step out.

I mentioned that two of the three children are sponsored by Tumaini, the brother of the two named Kilanzo he is nine years old and is on the waiting list to be sponsored. He is one of the cutest little boys you could ever meet and wants to be a police officer when he grows up. The odds are stacked up against him and he is in a situation where he needs help. I know that these are just words you are reading and that the pictures I send are of me standing with people you may never see, but understand that on the other end of these words and of the picture is a small boy who desperately needs help. I know many of you sponsor children, support different philanthropic works but I am presenting this boy to all of you and asking for someone to sponsor him. I know that $30 a month doesn’t sound like much and it seems like it doesn’t make a difference, but the truth is that it does. I ask that if you are able and willing please sponsor this young boy. Your $30 a month will literally be answered prayers and change a life forever.

I thank you all for your time and hope you are doing well.


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