From Geoffrey to you; Snowballs and sleepless nights

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Snowballs and sleepless nights

I like to go into an empty room by myself and let my mind loose; I could spend hours laying on a bed dreaming big dreams. Each time I do this and let my mind out of the cage, while paying no attention to obstacles and limitations, I start with one small dream and it gets bigger, grander and flirts within the brinks of impossible; I love to do this. I am amazed at the ideas, aspirations and inspirations that surface during these dreaming sessions. Sleepless nights give me the greatest amounts of encouragement and seem to open my eyes to the next chapter that life seems to offer. I can’t tell you how many times I have been dead asleep and abruptly woken up just by the need to write down an idea for a sermon, ways to help someone, ministries to start or lessons. I found that every time this happens it is seemingly impossible for me to go to sleep if I don’t write the idea or concept down, but then when I write it down I start thinking about it and it starts to snowball into some immense dream; I love this. I love sleepless nights. I love dreaming big dreams, especially dreams that are impossible. I love being so excited and inspired to do something that I have to tell someone. I love it when my mind snowballs a small dream into something big and impractical.

The last few days have been a breath of fresh air. Two Americans from Wisconsin made their way to Masii to teach leadership skills to our new church; this has been incredible for our congregation but I feel like it has been even more incredible for me. I spent the entire day yesterday with one of them, we gabbed for hours about church, God and life. After the whole ordeal my ticker got a jumpstart, I feel as though I was dreaming so much that aspirations were seeping out of my pores, I can’t even deny that God used that man to ignite something within myself that is far bigger than me. I couldn’t wait to part with him, not because I didn’t enjoy our conversation but because I couldn’t wait to go into my empty room and simply dream. I could hardly wait to let my mind go, to think of the impossible, to snowball something small into something huge. It haven’t had a sleepless night for a while, maybe my batteries just needed recharging or I needed to get away from the busyness of life I’m not sure why but I know that last night it seemed as though I didn’t sleep a wink.

One of the reasons that I decided to come to Kenya and to later make my way to Mexico is because I felt like I had lost something. I felt as though I had lost that all-consuming passion just to serve and was missing my heart. I felt like I had lost the ability to dream big dreams. I felt like my desires became mundane and too limited, I felt like I had lost that umph to strive and reach beyond the stars and to think within the realm of the impossible. I felt like I was going through the motions and was missing the heart behind everything I was doing. It was gone; the sleepless nights, snowballing, dreaming… it was all gone.

I found it again. I feel as though I found what I traveled to the other side of the world for. As I laid there last night I found myself in a flood of more dreams, desires, ambitions, aspirations, inspirations, muses and encouragement than any amount of words would ever justifiably articulate. During the wee hours of this morning, after being prodded and had my eyes opened by this new friend, I found it.

Prayer Requests:
I have a lot of thinking to do, a lot of things I need to plan out and a lot of decisions to make
Janet and her eye surgery
The leadership of MCC
The different projects for Tumaini and the funding for them

The country director of Tumaini is named Paul and he cracks me up. He came to America this last year and was telling me stories about it today, I nearly peed my pants. He went to Universal Studios apparently. He told me about going on the jarassic park ride. He said that when it dropped down the little hill that he thought the ride was broken and that he was trying to get off and jump out cause it would sink, but the lap belt wouldn’t let him. He was telling my old roommate about the ride and remembered the part of a dinosaur spitting on him and being chased by them. Then him and I talked about the back to the future ride, apparently we both got sick off of it even though it doesn’t actually move anywhere. He went to Venice beach and talked about the buffed up guys and the weirdos. He cracks me up so much. Too funny

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