From Geoffrey to you; It’s hard to say goodbye!

My first month here was really difficult. I remember pulling up to Masii and saying, “What did I get myself into.” I don’t think the first month could have gone by slower for me, I missed my family and friends, I was submerged into a completely new culture and with that I got a heaping serving of extreme culture shock. Lakewood and Masii are two completely different worlds. In America most people have running water and electricity; most of us have cars, computers and television sets and in comparison to America, Masii doesn’t have much as far as material possessions go. In America we may have fast cars, enough clothing to last months and big houses but Kenya has something that we don’t, Kenya has God and the people feel genuine love for one another, things of far greater worth and value than any car or home. Once the scales from my eyes came off and experienced the warm compassion and sincere hospitality of the Kenyan culture time went by too fast.
Yesterday was my last day of attending church here. We had a big party for my leaving and because it was our first year’s anniversary. I was asked to make a speech and I could hardly utter a few words. I didn’t know what to say, my life has been completely changed, my eyes opened and my heart has been touched and restored in ways that words can’t express. I fought to hold back tears as different members of the congregation lined up with their arms full of cards, letters, and gifts that they had bought or made for me. I even had one family, that loves music and dancing, write a song about me. I think that yesterday really made me realize the fact that I have made an actual difference in lives here and that I am most definitely going to cry when I leave. The way that these people live, the way that they interweave their faith in God and their extreme love for one another in their everyday lives, and their ability to persevere are qualities that I can only hope to one day have.

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