From Geoffrey to You; Hello Everyone

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a little update on a few things. There was a girl I wrote about a few weeks ago that was being exploited in her work place. She was working ten hours a day, seven days a week for less than one dollar per day. I used some of the money you all gave me and bought a washing machine for her to do dry cleaning. Her shop is all together now and she is just about to open. The funny thing is that she has already gotten a TON of business without advertising or even opening yet. Thank you everyone who supported and helped with this.

We raised enough money for Janet’s eye operation. We are leaving Tuesday morning at 3 AM (waking up will sure be a challenge) to make sure we get to the eye clinic early. She will be operated on Wednesday and come home Thursday. The following week she will be able to take off the bandages. I am going to record her taking off her bandages and her being able to see for the first time in over six months so that you can all share in the experience. We are also going to be taking Carro, the girl with hydrocephalus, to a hospital a little further than the eye clinic to get a check up. Her mother is trucking along with her charcoal business and seems to be doing quite well with that and her pregnancy.

The button for my camera fell out Wednesday. The actually button you push to snap the shot is what I am talking about. So if I want to take a picture I have to shove a safety pin in this little hole and wiggle it… ha ha. I look really funny taking pictures ha ha.

Prayer Requests:
Janet’s surgery and recovery
Zack and his chemotherapy
My aunt and her recovery from the stroke
The dry cleaning business you all helped start

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