From Geoffrey to you; Goat Brains

Sunday August 23, 2009
Goat Brains
My fellow pastor and I were sitting at a table at a local restaurant as we waited for our waiter to take our order. He was rushing back and forth and we couldn’t capture his attention. He would rush past us and then disappear for ten minutes. A loud sizzling sound hastened past us as we caught a glimpse of our server carrying a steaming, hissing and sputtering plate of hot food. A moment later he hurried past us again with yet another dish taking it to a table of about ten older men. One of the mzay (not sure if that is spelled right but that is Kiswahili for old man) gestured for us to join them. We prayed over these plates of meat. It was every man for himself as arms reached across each other. Hands were grabbing, snagging and snatching slab of meat after slab of meat and doused the meat in one of the many piles of salt on the side of the plate. It tasted a little bland but with a little salt it was okay, I don’t think I am going to get a hankering for more of it anytime soon though. When only fat and gristle remained they asked me if I liked the goat brains and tongue. The brains of a goat is a delicacy. Women and children aren’t allowed to eat it, it is only for the wise and elders of the community. To munch on goat brains with these men was a high honor that many people will never get the opportunity to do. It is nice to know that my reputation amongst the Kenyans has earned me a seat with the elders of Masii.
Every Saturday evening a group of the most elite, wisest and most financially successful men of Masii meet. Business men, magistrates and chairmen, pastors and city officials make up this group. Each week in their meetings they donate money and try to identify and help a specific person or situation that has arisen in Masii, all the while dining on the ever so delectable brain of a goat. They are involved with everything have to do with Masii and are the ones who are capable of really making things happen for the community here.
After the meeting the pastor and I were able to sit down and talk with one of the mzay’s over a regular meal (one without brains) and talked about our dreams. This man shared his dream of empowering Kenyans to help other Kenyans. Kenyans are gifted, intelligent, and have outstanding abilities but often the financial and environmental obstacles that are so numerous prevent men and women from becoming all that they are capable of. He shared his dreams of creating a special facility where they pour their resources and selves into the lives of the young people to help them reach their potential, instead of becoming another statistic. This man was filled with compassion for his fellow Kenyan.
We can spend a trillion dollars in relief food, but eventually that food runs out. We can improve the infrastructure and develop more roads, but roads deteriorate. We can donate medical supplies, but eventually they are going to reach for a bandage and find that they have run out. To invest in the futures of the people of Kenya is probably one of the best ways to make a lasting impression on this country and others like it. Relief food and aid is important but when you give a man a fish today to keep him from going hungry you are going to have to give him a fish the next day and the day after that too, in fact until you teach him how to fish for himself he is going to be completely dependent on you for provision. Micro-financing programs, education, after school programs, trade schools and hands on experience are what will make a difference here. Empowering Kenyans to help Kenyans is the best way to go. Seeing this mzay’s meet on such a regular basis to use what they have been entrusted with to help others and hearing the dreams of this man was really encouraging.
Be blessed,
I hope you are all free on September 12th. I am getting a welcome home party. You will probably be getting an email from Genesis soon with more details. But just so you know I am going to be asking everyone to donate $5. The wife of the founder of Tumaini is going to be there and they can REALLY use a new computer out here. So I figure that if everyone gave $5 whatever we were able to raise we can just hand over to her to send over here to buy a computer for their office.
I have been asked to speak a couple of different places when I get home. I have been working on the sermons and am STOKED. I can’t wait to share with you all or whoever attends!
Please keep my family in your prayers. My aunt passed away this past week.

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