From Geoffrey to you; Days like today

Wednesday June 17, 2009

Days like today

Do you like getting hugs? Of course you do, who doesn’t? When you have been tossed around a few good times by life or haven’t seen someone for ages a hug seems to come naturally. There are a few different types of hugs. There are two really bad ones and I don’t know which one is worse. One of them is a side hug with a light pat on the back, wow slap me in the face why don’t you. The second is when you see someone and you go for a handshake and they go for a hug and then there is an awkward moment when you switch to a hug and then he goes for a handshake, you walk away feeling like a jerk for going for a handshake when they went for a hug. You have the bear hugs when it feels like the incredible hulk is trying to snatch the air out of your lungs. There are some that are really gentle and you feel like you aren’t really being hugged at all, I don’t like these ones. Lastly is the most sincere one. Have you ever been overwhelmed by life or a situation, cried your eyes out and felt completely alone and in your darkest hour you had someone wrap their arms around you? Have you ever had someone answer your prayers and your arms wrap around them, bite your bottom lip, and your head drops onto their shoulder as you thank them? This is the type of hug I got today.

I went with Tumaini to deliver food to families today. We walked up to the first home with about 45 kg of dried corn and beans, oils, salt, tea, gas, cooking fat, rice and a few other things. Before we were able to speak any words a very old woman walked up to me and embraced me. I didn’t get a side hug. She didn’t pat my back. She didn’t give me a bear hug. She wrapped her arms around me in the most sincere and genuine way I have ever experienced and she held on. It was one of thankfulness and was one of those moments you wished lasted forever.

It turned out that she cares for seven grand children and her husband. Her daughter died of AIDS a few years back and Tumaini supports her and her grand children. Her husband became paralyzed this past year and spends each day lying on a wooden bed unable to move himself. The food we were able to bring was an answer to prayer and gift from God for this family because of this horrid drought. This was enough food to feed them for a couple of months.

Have you ever been in a position where in your hands you carried the answer to someone’s prayers? Day after day they cry out to God for help and you are fortunate enough to have been chosen to be the answer to those prayers?

I had pretty much the same experience with the other visits today as well… days like today inspired, encourage and drive me forward. I thank God for days like today.


Prayer Requests:
The travels of Jason and John
Sarah’s opening business, the one I used some of the money you gave me to start
Janet’s eye operation
Zack, he is starting his chemotherapy soon
My Aunt and her continual recovery from the stroke
Getting Stacy’s wheelchair… still waiting… argh

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    June 17th, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    testing to see if the comment secitons on the blogs are working!

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