From Geoffrey and Jessica to you; DAY ONE IN CAMBODIA

Jessica and I spent our first day traveling the people filled streets of Phnom Penh. The streets were laden with men eagerly taxiing clients on the back of small motorcycles, tuk tuks, and leg powered carts. The different fruits were mind boggling, some that were so with such vibrant colors others with intricate eye catching patterns and some that looked more like a deadly weapon with hundreds of sharp spikes. As we walked throughout the different market places we saw hand carved pieces of art, jewelers crafting new petite Cambodian treasures and Rolex watches for less than $15. It was raining off and on as we move around town today, the humidity here is pretty intense and the heat is constant as well, and this is the cold season, I’m not too excited to see what weather the warm season brings.

From what I have gathered the rain seasons seem to bring a lot of health problems. The sewage systems are bad and when it rains the sewers flood the streets. When the waters finally drain all of the waste and rubbish dries on the ground and turns into dust and then people inhale it and get sick. Apparently dust is such a big issue that people wear masks when they are outside, I grew numb to the images of traveling motorcyclist and playing children wearing masks.

Today was an exciting and eye opening day. I can’t wait to see God’s plans unravel as we live and grow in this foreign land.



I went to take a nap this afternoon around 4:30 and woke up a few minutes ago… around midnight. I missed the homemade Cambodian meal that was prepared for us and everyone is asleep.
I found out that most of the country closes down each day for a few hours around noon to rest. It is time for people to take naps or just relax during their day…. How cool is that? We need this in America!
Adidas, Ambercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister all have their clothing factories here so you can get shirts for like $3.
If you can think of a CD, DVD, videogame, or computer program I bet you I know where to get it for $1.50.
Your left hand is unclean.

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