From Geoffrey to you; week one

Saturday June 27, 2009

Week One

I used some of the money you all gave me to help a girl start a dry cleaning business here in Masii. To give your mind a refresher, Sarah was really abused in her work place before. She has an education and a good head on her shoulders but she was stuck in this oppressed state. She was incredibly overworked and severely underpaid, to make matters worse her boss began to demand that she stop taking her day off and work without an increase in pay. The amount of money she was being paid was peanuts, I don’t think she was able to eat three substantial meals a day and I noticed she was losing a lot of weight. She started praying about opening her own business and about being freed from this situation. She set a date to quit her job and to start her own business, take in consideration that she didn’t have enough money at this time to even start her business but she did it in faith.

It has been a little over a week since her business opened and her profits from one week are more than she was being paid for an entire month. Before she even opened her shop she had a pile of clothes from people who had heard about the business. She has already started giving back by giving side jobs to other people that are struggling to make ends meet. She has more money, better food, better hours and can never been seen without a smile.

Purchasing this washing machine has completely changed her life. It’s hard to think that something like a washing machine can really transform a life, but it can.


Prayer Requests:
Janet got home today from her operation. They said it went well. She is going to be going for a check up in a little over a week. They say that she will have fully recovered and will be able to see in two weeks time. Pray for her recovery
Stacy’s wheel chair was supposed to be here five weeks ago…. We have their word that it will arrive on Monday, but then again we had their word that it would get here yesterday and then again two weeks ago. Please keep praying for this
RAIN. Another cow dropped down dead today in the market because of having no food or water.
Zacks Chemotherapy
My Aunts recovery

I was visiting Janet and her daughter today. I had her daughter sitting on my lap and she peed. She is about 2 1/2 … that was fun ha ha
A little boy asked me to help him with his science homework today. I now know how my parents must have felt when I would ask them questions about a subject they studied AGES ago… I had no idea what the heck it was talking about, I was of little help. The funny thing is that the only thing I knew was the stuff about sexual reproduction. He is in sixth grade and I guess it is that time to learn about the anatomy. I couldn’t help but laugh as I answered his questions and then he was laughing as he read them to me. Man oh man am I immature.
We had our all night prayer and worship last night… a drunk guy from Kosovo came… and then started acting up ha ha… come as you are right?
I hate getting mosquito bites on the middle of your back where you can’t reach it

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