From Geoffrey to you; three seconds later

Tuesday May 26, 2009

Three seconds later

A friend and I spent a good amount of time at Tumaini’s new medical center taking pictures. We were meandering on back, I say meandering because that is just what guys do, and talking about random, useless, and yet entertaining nothings. Instead of taking the short cut through the cow infested lot we decided to avoid their rancid smell and just walk up the main road. We turned the corner as the unexpected happened. A woman driving a small car sped through the corner and crashed into a wall. Anyone within the audible range of the crunch of this small car swarmed the area. My friend and I rushed to the scene to see if she was okay. Within moments a few men grabbed the driver and shoved her into a matatu (bus) and sped away to the hospital. I couldn’t believe it, only a few moments before my friend and I were standing where the car had crashed and it could have been us.

If we had left literally three seconds later than we did we would have been dead. Right about now my parents would be receiving a phone call about the accident and my death. Knowing my parents, they would pack thier bags and take the next flight to come get my body. Within a few days an email would be sent out to you all about the accident. Three seconds is all that it would have taken for me to be dead. Not by malaria, AIDS, a mob, but death as a car accidents collateral damage. I was a little shaken up because it happened right behind us, I kept on thinking that it could have been us and that all of my plans and ideas would be no more.

Most people, when having a near death experience, write about how we need to cherish each day and would probably quote scripture talking about how tomorrow isn’t promised. I do believe and understand that, but I have come to realize something else of great importance.

In the first chapter of Job the devil is talking to God about his servant Job and mentions that God has put a hedge of protection around Job. I realize that I need to cease the day and understand that tomorrow isn’t promised, but just as important is the idea of being in God’s will. Today’s incident opened my eyes to the fact that I am right where I am supposed to be. Three seconds is all that it would have taken for my body to be spread across the street, but I feel like God has put his hedge of protection around me. “Not quite yet Geoffrey, I have more work for you to do before you go.”

For most people they at this and see it as a coincidence, but not me. Whether I die later tonight, tomorrow or sixty years from today, I know that God’s hand is on my life, that he has a plan for me and that he is using me. There are people I will be used to speak to, lives I will be used to impact, the broken that I will be used to fix and those with despair that I will be used to bring encouragement and to restore. There are a few more chapters in my books of life that I still need to write.

I value each day, I know tomorrow isn’t promised, but I also understand that right here and right now is just where I am to be. Remember to cease the day, but also make sure that where you are right here and right now is where you are supposed to be.

Asante Sana,


Prayer Requests:
The woman Esther I wrote about who is very giving and benevolent. She got malaria a few days ago and got an allergic reaction to her medication. She has been in horrible shape and was taken to the hospital a few hours ago.
Janet’s eye sight continues to strengthen and improve, but that is keeps on.
The medical center

There is this little girl I pass by a few times each day. Each time she yells out to me and makes the home alone face, you know the one where his mouth is open really big
Drunks love me
I was watching Underworld with a friend today… she got SOOO scared of the vampires and were wolfs. A few times I jumped at her and screamed to freak her out
My hair is getting long… I feel like a beetle or a hippie
No one seems to know what Oat Meal is

Nime-nunua pajero
Ni-may new-new-uh puh-jer-oh
I drove a car
This is what you say when you get diarrhea… one of my very common expressions when I first got here, but it has been about two weeks since I drove a car : )

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