From Geoffrey to you; If you want to help Janet

I went to see Janet today and she is doing much better than last night. She can’t take care of herself right now and her family is going to try to figure out where she can go and what is going to happen with her, she has a few options (I’m hoping they let her stay here in Masii). The funeral is on Saturday and a really generous friend sent enough money to cover any of the funeral costs that they need covered. I’m writing to you guys today to ask for help that isn’t financial. Many of you have been following Janet’s story and situation and I hope you feel as close to this situation as I do. I was hoping that you guys can maybe write out a letter of encouragement to Janet. You can reply to this email with it and after two or three days I can sit down with Janet and read it to her. How incredible would she feel to know that people on the other side of the world are caring for her, praying for her and supporting her. Even if it is just a couple of sentences, please consider taking just a few minutes to write something to her.

Thank you,


If you would like to do this and would like to leave a message to her as a comment on this post please feel free to and I will copy your comments and letters to her and email them to Geoffrey.

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