From Genesis – Please help me understand

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to bring something up that has come to my mind and I can’t stop thinking about. This weekend at HANDS for Hope we had a couple attend that have been coming for several sundays now. They eat and stay for the service and really seem to take in everything that is said during my sermon. This Sunday they asked if they could talk to me after the service. When talking to them by the car that they currently call thier “home” they started spilling out thier story and needs to me. This husband and wife had a home and jobs. They were evicted from thier house when the bank forclosed and he lost his job. They are in thier car and doing the best they can. They always have smiles on thier faces and great personalities. I noticed the back window of thier car was broken out and asked what happened. The other night someone came up to the car screamed some racial slurs at them and threw a brick through the window. They are just trying to survive right now but can not seem to stop the attacks against thier lives. They want to get into a shelter, living in the car is very hard on them and they need somewhere to sleep. They have tried several shelters and everyone is either full or they don’t take “couples” I don’t get it!!!! These two are married, they are a family! God talks about how important families are and we are a nation of “family values” right? Not from where I am sitting!!! In a city with a slogan like “Times change, values don’t” I see this as just a set of words for a few hard hearted and detached polititions to hide behind. I feel like the city council all the way up to the presidency stand behind half hearted slogans and sayings that have been adapted yet do nothing to make these words reality. If we are a nation that wants to strengther families why don’t we offer housing and shelter for a husband and wife that want to stay together and help them get back on thier feet? No instead we tell them that if they will seperate we can get them into shelters seperatly, in other words “as long as you let us tear your family apart we will help you, otherwise your on your own, sorry about that” YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!! ARGH I am frustrated with the answers I am gitting while making phone calls and trying to place this couple. Our money says “one nation under God” and look who wrote the Declartation of Independance yet our President says the United States is not a Christian Country? I don’t understand….. Lakewood says “cities change values don’t” yet make it very clear that religious organizations, homeless shelters and basically any public assistance programs are not welcome in “thier” city, after all they don’t have a homeless problem. (I think the 70-100 homeless people we feed every sunday morning could argue with that). And back to the shelters, what does a man and women or a singe women with no children and also no drug or alcohol addiction do? Where do they go when they end up on the street? I cant get them into a shelter unless they are addicted to something, completly crazy or willing to seperate and go without each other (and become addicted to something). My prayer; God help me be the change that this city needs, help me bring hope to those that have none and help them find that hope in you. Help HANDS build shelters for all types of people. Bring the volunteers with the hearts, move the city coucils to action, bring us the land and bring us the funds, guide us, bless us and help us be your hands and your feet in our city. Help our country go back to the basics, the values it was founded on and seek you again. Change me and bring me to action so that I can, in turn change those around me.

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